Our Varieties

Somercotes Tasmanian cherries produce a wide range of cherry varieties, including white fleshed and the dark red fleshed varieties.

Dec Mid Dec Late Dec Early Jan Mid Jan Late Jan Early Feb
Burlat Vega Van Stella Lapins Sweetheart Sweetheart
Chelan Simone

The varieties we grow are:

Burlat – This is our earliest variety. Available in early December it is a large bright red fruit and is only available in our farm shop.

Vega– White fleshed large and very sweet. This is becoming a very popular pre Christmas variety

Chelan – An early fruit with mahogany red skin and a beautiful flavor.

Van – A shiny red cherry that everyone loves and available for Christmas.

Stella – Dark red and sweet. This attractive heart shaped fruit is available in early January.

Lapins – This variety follows Stella with large sweet fruit with deep red colour. Massive in size and taste.

Simone – Like Lapins these are large and sweet.

Sweetheart – Large crunchy red fruit with dark red sweet flesh.

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